Parental permission is not needed to buy condoms. Get free condoms at our clinics.

Steps to getting free condoms:

  1. Walk into a clinic. (click for locations)
  2. Ask the person at the volunteer desk for condoms.
  3. Get handed a bag of condoms.
  4. Walk out of the clinic.


Fact: Teens can buy condoms at the store. There are no age requirements in Nevada. Use a self-checkout if you’re embarrassed.

Condoms must be used correctly to be most effective. Check out the How to Put on a Condom video for instructions:

More About Condoms

Male Condom

Condoms are usually made of latex. They are worn on the guy’s penis during sex and the sperm goes into the condom and not the partner’s body (vagina, mouth or anus). If used correctly, condoms protect from pregnancy and STDs.

Non Latex Condom (Polyurethane or Polyisoprene)

If you’re allergic to latex, use these types of condoms. They look like latex condoms and are used the same way. These can be used by anyone, not just teens that are allergic to latex. If used correctly, condoms protect from pregnancy and STDs.

Female Condom

The female condom, looks like a pouch and goes into the vagina. It is inserted using the closed-end ring. During sex the pouch lines the walls of the vagina. It keeps the sperm from entering the body. If used correctly, female condoms protect from pregnancy and STDs.